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jmasoncooper on Episode 397: Hardcore Normal

So I watched the “Formation” music video before I listened to your comments about Beyonce in the half-time show,… more


Stokes OTI Staff on Musical Talmud: Hotline Bling

That’s interesting, and does make sense of “hotline,” in the sense of “dedicated phone for a single purpose.” (Now… more


Matthew Wrather OTI Staff on Episode 397: Hardcore Normal
Emil on Episode 397: Hardcore Normal

Blessed be Rachel D!

Demo: white male (duh) 35-40.


Rambler The Full Harvey on Episode 397: Hardcore Normal

Response to demographic survey:
white male 35-40
checks more than once per week
hair status:… more


Mark Lee OTI Staff on Episode 396: Tell Me More, Tell Me More

BTTF cashed in on 50’s nostalgia in the 80’s, right?

But you are on to something w/r/t to the length of time… more


lemur The Full Harvey on Introducing Overthinking It Memberships

And my acts.


lemur The Full Harvey on Episode 396: Tell Me More, Tell Me More

The Podcasters didn’t quite get to it, but I think the link between the BTTF discussion in connection with Rick… more


Fred Firestine on Episode 396: Tell Me More, Tell Me More

I was born in the Year of Star Trek, which means I was 12 when Grease was first shown in theaters. I owned the… more


John on Musical Talmud: Hotline Bling

I would disagree with the nostalgia angle concerning the cell phone.

I think that the fact that he calls it… more