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Roe on Episode 694: Richmond Family Bubble


In the podcast you asked about new listeners within the last 5 years. I checked my records and I for… more


MikeO on Episode 697: Mollusk Ex Machina

I feel the shadow organization should have been a clandestine North Korean or CIA research project. Trying to see… more


MikeO on Episode 696: I’m from the Dogs, And I’m Here to Help

In somewhat same vein of getting weepy at “unexpected help at the last minute”, I get weepy when someone (or animal)… more


Jesse on Episode 694: Richmond Family Bubble

Hey guys, can I get a link to the Discord. The previous one in the Shang Chi episode expired. Thanks!


Margo on Episode 693: The Bondiest Thing to Do

I was frankly a little disappointed with NTTD, Bond films should be more fun. That said, I do agree that NTTD is… more


Junji Ito’s Eyes

There’s something about the eyes in a Junji Ito drawing that creates a subtle atmosphere of horror even when nothing horrific is happening.