I mashed up WAP and Space Jam for some reason

Come on and slam, if you know what I mean.

Quick story. I’m a longtime fan of an internet subculture dedicated to mashing up the Quad City DJ’s “Space Jam” song with every other song ever written. (Here’s a favorite example combining it with “Let It Go.”) Way back in September I was curious how “Space Jam” would sound mixed up with Cardi B’s “WAP,” and I was mystified to find that (at the time at least) nobody appeared to have attempted it. It felt like a curious oversight. So I gave it a shot and to my delight, it was an absolute banger.

I was on the verge of posting it to YouTube and then I realized I’d need something onscreen to go with the music. Sure, a still image would be fine… but could I do better than that? What if I could make a video of Lola Bunny dancing in a loop? And once I figured that out, I wondered if I could put her on a basketball court. And once I figured that out, I wondered if I could make her do something more interesting. And once I figured that out…

Anyway, that was 10 months and 1,000 hours of work ago. Could I have spent my precious time here on Earth differently? Perhaps. But on the other hand, Elmer Fudd never looked so sexy.

3 Comments on “I mashed up WAP and Space Jam for some reason”

  1. Joseph Member #

    Coming back to this to let y’all know that I have officially had real nightmares based on this video.



  2. Cardi C #

    What in the hell did I just watch? And why am I watching it again?


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