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Make Gossip Girl Great Again

The Upper East Side is a great place. I have a building there, so you know it’s pretty classy, okay. There are these great girls. Beautiful girls, like Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf. I mean they are the … Continued


Make Kimmy Schmidt Great Again

Our Kimmy is in trouble, okay? Kimmy Schmidt, they’re telling me, they’re telling me it’s a miracle, they’re telling me they’re alive, dammit. And I don’t know about that. We’re getting killed, okay? We can’t beat ISIS. You look out … Continued


Make The Muppets Great Again

The Muppets USED to be one of the finest, classiest shows on television.  The best, really.  And I can tell you, the Muppets are some of my biggest fans.  It’s really a tragedy what’s been happening with them lately.  Sad! What we … Continued