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Look what Salon decided to do!

Sum up your life in six words Since we at Overthinking It have been doing this before Salon, but after the New York Times, let’s show them! Contributors, readers: give us your six-word life! In six words!

Oscar Week: There Will Be Spoilers

Oscar Week: There Will Be Spoilers

Finally, presumptive Oscar® winner There Will Be Blood. Belinkie Cobbling is apparently amazing acting training. Also, there will be mustache wax. Best bowling alley scene since Lebowski. Damn right, it’s better than yours. Stokes There Will Be Blood. No, really. … Continued

Oscar Week: Call It

Oscar Week: Call It

Oscar® week. *grunt* Six Words. *grunt* It’s a beautiful landscape, but it’s No Country for Old Men. Belinkie FYI: He does mind riding bitch. Moral: Never bring wounded men water. Honestly, who uses the word “caliche?” This Oscar is really … Continued

Oscar Week: Honest To Blog

Oscar Week: Honest To Blog

It’s Oscar® week, and we here at Overthinking It are celebrating with more six word summaries, this time of the Best Picture nominees. We start today with Juno. Stokes Cera and Bateman together again? Awesome! Sheely Teen Pregnancy? I like … Continued

Six Words or Less

The authors of Freakonomics posted on their NY Times Blog an invitation for readers to submit a six word motto for the US. Being industrious, the crew of Overthinking It individually submitted some suggestions, which were denied (!) by whoever … Continued