Happy Labor Day, Overthinkers!

A Labor Day round-up of posts about economics and the working class.

Overthinkers in the U.S. already have today off for Labor Day. For our fans overseas, it’s a federal holiday, so we’re taking the day off. No new posts today, sorry.

Instead, consider this sampling of labor- and economic-themed posts from our site. Here’s to the working class!


Your dad worked 11-hour days so you could sit at a computer and look for Jungian archetypes in Predator 2. Buy him a beer.

– Fenzel’s hilarious satire of the Foot Clan bailout (Part One and Part Two).

– One of our continuing sources of Google traffic, Lee’s post asking just how much is 20 million rupees, anyway?

– McNeil takes a look at how Leverage, the most class-conscious heist show on TV today, would clean up the Gulf oil spill.

– Guest author Tom Houseman gave us this insightful look at action figure hegemonics in Toy Stoyr 3 with Toys are Born Free, and Everywhere They Are in Boxes.

– And people seemed to like my post comparing gangsta rap and Seinfeld, as viewed through the lens of the working man: the street-corner hustler.

Any posts I forgot? Any new comments to add (since comments are closed on most of these)?

4 Comments on “Happy Labor Day, Overthinkers!”

  1. lee OTI Staff #

    I should put on my resume, “Wrote the article that is the number 1 Google search result for the phrase, ’20 million rupees.'”


  2. Brimstone #

    Australia might FINALLY get a government after two weeks of uncertainty. and it MIGHT be Labor…


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