The Dark Bailout

The Dark Bailout

Our society’s institutions are collapsing, and we have lost confidence in our leaders to save us. Wait, didn’t someone make a summer blockbuster about this? Where do we turn in this time of crisis? Here’s what the Joker thinks about … Continued

Our society’s institutions are collapsing, and we have lost confidence in our leaders to save us. Wait, didn’t someone make a summer blockbuster about this?

Where do we turn in this time of crisis? Here’s what the Joker thinks about President Bush’s economic bailout.

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  1. Professor Coldheart #

    Fucking brilliant. I’m embedding this in my own bailout-related post either tomorrow or Monday, whenever the bill passes.


  2. Cristina #

    That was beautiful.


  3. Jason #

    That was awesome, thanks! If you think that Batman correlates to Bush in the movie, it’s even better.


  4. Lex #

    Classic! They are basically saying, let the government hold the assets until inflation brings their values in line with where people purchased them in 20 to 30 years… Um yeah, I can think of a lot better way to spend that $ on projects that pay off a lot more quickly for the American people. They are punishing the majority for the misdeeds of the few. In a year we’ll be vomiting from the backlash from this bailout.


  5. nick #

    Nice job, Belinkie.

    Is this the Matt Belinkie who went to Hall High School? It’s Nick Clement here…what an amazing site you have. Check out my blog if you can. If you need anyone to write about film give me a holler…


  6. Gab #

    Belinkie, I bow to you. You have very wonderfully combined two of my favorite things: Batman and politics.

    Have you read _The Shock Doctrine_ by Naomi Klein?


  7. casey #

    Well Matt – I must admit that the only way I can stand listening to Bush is through your edited videos.


  8. Noah #

    Funny, I was already thinking “too bad Thomas Wayne isn’t still around to try and fix this problem in Gotham.” But then again, it wasn’t until he was killed before everyone rallied to save Gotham against Ra’s al Ghul’s economic manipulation.

    Anyway, congratulations for kerploding the YouTubes with this.


  9. 958 Atlantic #

    Belinkie – you did it! (Well, I think you did it). Thebiglead linked to this this morning, and that’s a pretty big boost you’ll get…you’re already at 50,000 views in one day.


  10. M Kitchen #

    American’s should have voted for Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich when they had the chance.

    The whole time watching The Dark Knight, I thought “this is predictive programming”.

    Regardless; nice clip.


  11. ChrisToad #

    Wow… where did you get the whole scene from so you could edit it?


  12. Gab #

    M Kitchen: As cool as Ron Paul seems, he wouldn’t have been good for the economy, either. He wants to get rid of anything remotely government funded, including the safety nets that helped to keep something like this from happening sooner. And if he had his way, there would be absolutely no market regulation whatsoever- and one of the contributing factors to this current crisis was how little there was in the first place. I could go on and on about how bad Paul is, though…

    Re: ChrisToad- Yeah, MATTHEW, where’d you get the CLIP, eh?

    I was so pissed that WB was totally excited that it took a whole 36 hours for a pirated copy of TDK to get out. It’s pathetic how people have such little respect for intellectual property. And no, I really don’t think putting it in “chunks” makes it ok. And I did think of it briefly as I watched your video. I guess I’m that big of a Batman AND political geek that I couldn’t help but enjoy it, though.


  13. Matthew Belinkie OTI Staff #

    ChrisToad –

    I had actually downloaded a bootleg copy of The Dark Knight for a different video project. It was a huge file and it took like three days to download, so I never could have turned this video around so quickly if I didn’t already have it. So that was lucky – I didn’t come up with this idea until after Bush’s speech.

    Gab, I’m anti-piracy in general. I certainly don’t download movies just to watch them. But with something like this video, I don’t see the harm. I mean, here’s a little secret – we don’t pay royalties for any of the photos we use on this site. But we also don’t make a cent off the site. I think most copyright holders are happy to let us minnows play, to keep their intellectual property out there in the public eye.

    But yeah, most of my video projects are probably legally and (to a lesser extent) ethically questionable.

    – Matt


  14. Gab #

    Well I hope you feel at least a little dirty for having that bootleg, Matthew. ::motherly look::

    I think the pirating that bothers me the most are those Chinese websites that have movies and current TV shows in chunks. And I’ve read too many articles and seen too many specials about the fake products from there passed off as the real thing (prescription cancer drugs, top of the line golf clubs- purses aren’t the only things faked) to unsuspecting consumers in other countries. And oh my GOD don’t get me started on the fake Harry Potter books…

    ::grumbles obscenities::


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