Most Popular Posts of 2009

Here are the most viewed posts of the past year

In 2009, over half a million people visited Overthinking It. What did they come to see? Well, largely, the homepage and the movies category.

But seriously. Which posts were the most highly-trafficked? Here, without any ado whatsoever, is a list of the ten posts from 2009 with the largest numer of views.

  1. Marty McFly’s Grim Future
  2. The Science of Back to the Future
  3. Slumdog Millionaire: How much is 20 million rupees anyway?
  4. Clichemageddon
  5. The Ghostbusters Are Horrible People
  6. I Will Always Have Been Back: Toward a Grand Unified Theory of Schwarzenegger
  7. [Think Tank] Best Use of Aliens as Metaphor
  8. The Smooze: Anatomy of a My Little Pony Villain
  9. Pixar’s UP!: Paradise Lost at Paradise Falls
  10. The Ghostbusters’ Risky Business Plan

For those keeping score, Belinkie leads the pack with four posts in the top 10, while Fenzel and Lee tie for second with two each. Perich rounds out the top 4, tied with a herd of cats. (Seriously. You should try getting our writers to do the Think Tank on time.)