Summer Reruns: The Best of the Guest

The best guest posts of the last 12 months.

Summer Reruns week continues with a sampling of the best guest posts we’ve had over the last 12 months. (I’m excluding a few gems from the last two months, waiting to see if they stand the test of time. You should check them out yourself!)

The Dark Inquisitor: The elements of Dostoevsky in Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

The Transdimensional Fraggle Threat: Extrapolating from empirical video evidence, it becomes clear that Fraggles can warp through time and space.

Just Say No to Wonka: Viewing the Golden Ticket winners through the typology of substance abuse.

The Kitty’s Journey: Joseph Campbell and Friskies: The cat with a thousand faces, or: the most epic cat food commercial EVAH!

The Bi Chick Always Rings Twice: Basic Instinct and Feminism: Warning – contains images of Michael Douglas’s “O” face.

Evidence of the Female Divine in Transformers: The Movie: The 80s cartoon movie, that is. Unlock the Matrix!

Give a shout out to your favorite guest post – whether listed above or elsewhere in the catalog – in the comments. And if you think you have what it takes to join these ranks, check out our submission guidelines and e-mail us your pitch! We’re nice people, we swear.

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