Overthinking Cowboy Bebop:  Session 19

Overthinking Cowboy Bebop: Session 19

How to disenchant your spaceship.

When we first meet Doohan, Spike makes some comment about how he’s “still trying to get that old antique airborne.”  Could mean anything, really.  And then there are some visual hints.  (Note that when you’re actually watching the show, you only get to see these images for, like, a second each.)





Okay, everyone write down your guesses.  Then click to the next page.

4 Comments on “Overthinking Cowboy Bebop: Session 19”

  1. Dez #

    For all that they spent a lot of time swanning about on the moors, the Romantics were actually pretty cynical about life in general.

    Isn’t there a pithy saying out there to the effect that inside every cynic is a failed romantic?


  2. mlawski OTI Staff #

    Love this! Excellent work, as usual, Stokes.


  3. Count Spatula #

    Bravissimo, Stokes! I’ve been trying to explain to everyone about how the themes and tropes of the show are essential rather than just background noise, but they don’t get it (and don’t enjoy it either :().

    The next few posts will be interesting for sure, Pierrot le Fou, Brain Scratch, and of course The Real Folk Blues are all to come. I wonder what you’ll make of Boogie Woogie Feng Shui as well (since nobody else has seemed to make much of it).

    Damn I wish that poster were as exciting as it looks (like Avatar mixed with Explosives: a match made in heaven).


  4. Adrian #

    I think the creators recognized that the guys weren’t really Space Pirates, hence the session’s title. They’re Horse Thieves In Space! And as every Cowboy knows, there is absolutely NOTHING COOL about horse thieves.


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