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What are the odds?

What are the odds?

So I was watching the season premiere of The Unit last night. This is a show on CBS about an elite military unit. And look what I saw: One of the Executive Producers is named “Frank Military.” How is this … Continued

The TiVolution Will Not be Televised

The TiVolution Will Not be Televised

Merlin Mann is one of my favorite bloggers. He has lots of sites. I like him because he has finely honed bullshit meter and zero tolerance for over-hyped garbage like the internet. Or “productivity.” Anyway. Merlin recently wrote an article … Continued

The Dark Bailout

The Dark Bailout

Our society’s institutions are collapsing, and we have lost confidence in our leaders to save us. Wait, didn’t someone make a summer blockbuster about this? Where do we turn in this time of crisis? Here’s what the Joker thinks about … Continued

Unintended Comedy in The Godfather

Unintended Comedy in The Godfather

I’m a lucky guy.  Recently I had the unique opportunity to see The Godfather…on the big screen.  In conjunction with a new, super restored DVD release of the Godfather trilogy, Coppola also had new 35 mm prints issued, and they … Continued

Batman vs. the Batman

Batman vs. the Batman

Wow… the Batman! Or is it just “Batman?” Uh, your choice, of course! – Selina Kyle, Batman Returns The future Catwoman has a good question. Sure, the movie titles always refer to the guy as plain old “Batman.” But he … Continued