Actual Quanta of Solace

[You may find it helpful to read this post first.]

  • One-third of an oreo and two ounces of cold milk.
  • Clean, dry socks.
  • Guessing Wheel Of Fortune phrase before any of the contestants.
  • Happy Birthday wishes (via Facebook) from high school aquaintance.
  • On crowded subway, next to man listening to his iPod, you can kind of hear the guitar solo from “Sweet Child of Mine.”
  • Finding three dollars wadded up in the pocket of your jeans.
  • An isolated room where you can fart vigorously without fear of censure or reprisal.
  • Being told “I’m just not ready to be in a relationship with anyone right now.”
  • Tivo records House rerun that you have not already seen.
  • That cute barrista is working today, the one with the tattoo.  Jenny–her name tag says Jenny.  She smiles as she hands you your order, and says “Thanks, have a nice day!”
  • “Thank you, Jenny,” you whisper–to yourself–as you walk out of the Starbucks and back into the sad, cruel everyday of our solitary lives.

4 Comments on “Actual Quanta of Solace”

  1. MIchael #


  2. Brian #

    Almost cried laughing at how much of that I can really relate too..


  3. nick #

    i dont understand any of that at all…

  4. CT #