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Things With Bad Names: Artichoke

Things With Bad Names: Artichoke

If there is one word I don’t want associated with my food, it’s “choke.” Choking is the absolute worst-case scenario when it comes to eating (with the possible exception of poison, which is why I’m on the fence about “boysenberry”). … Continued

"Joe Six-pack"

“Joe Six-pack”

A Republican friend of mine (yes, I have them) recently called my attention to Sarah Palin’s favorite nickname for her supporters. “Honestly,” this friend complained, “does anyone want to be a ‘Joe Six-pack?’ Does anyone hear her say that and … Continued

Help Me Make Sex Sexier

Help Me Make Sex Sexier

I’m going to try and keep this post SFW. But since it’s all about sex, I’m not sure how successful I’ll be. I don’t need to lecture you all on the importance of proper branding. It can take a bad … Continued

Cthulhu's Greatest Mystery

Cthulhu’s Greatest Mystery

What is Cthulhu, really? Why are the Great Old Ones here on Earth, and what are their plans? These are some of the great mysteries that have been haunting us since H.P. Lovecraft first introduced his Cthulhu mythos in the … Continued