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Open Thread for December 23, 2011

Comments piling in an Open Thread … Movie clips and corny gags … We throw together some Metacritic links And hit “Submit” while Wrather nags … Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Are there other holidays? I don’t know! (It’s not Tet … Continued

Open Thread for April 22, 2011

Open Thread for April 22, 2011

Thank you for calling Overthinking It. If you’re here for unstructured discussion of pop culture, say “Open Thread.” If you have a question about billing, please say “Accounts.” Para continuar en español, dice “español”. What goes on? “Weird” Al Yankovic … Continued

Open Thread for May 7, 2010

Open Thread for May 7, 2010

Good morning, Open Thread! Every day’s like an Open Thread! (sung to the tune of “Good Morning, Baltimore”, what, it’s a good song, anyway) The big pop culture news this weekend: some comic book movie is kicking off summer movie … Continued

Open Thread for April 30, 2010

Open Thread for April 30, 2010

Morning, y’all! Let’s slip the surly bonds of threads and touch the face of chat, shall we? Two quick downers then some uppers: first, Bret Michaels suffered a brain hemorrhage this week and remains in the hospital. His sister and … Continued