Tik Tok Blues: The Music Video

Tik Tok Blues: The Music Video

Muddy Waters gives a soulful rendition of the Ke$ha classic “Tik Tok”

A little over year ago, I made a blues version of the Ke$ha song “Tik Tok” after a commenter pointed out that Ke$ha’s “skanky” behavior in the song is nothing new and that her celebration of self-destructive behavior had a lot in common with, of all things, the blues.

I was pretty happy with how the song turned out, but I’ve always thought it would have worked even better as a music video. Thankfully, our recent performance at ImprovBoston’s Geek Week provided me with the occasion to do so.

So, without further ado… Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Muddy Waters and his rendition of the “Tik Tok Blues”!

→ Download Tik Tok (The Blues Version) [MP3, 2.6 MB]

6 Comments on “Tik Tok Blues: The Music Video”

  1. Renee #

    This is brilliant. Thanks.


  2. Jonh Ingham #

    That’s definitely the way the menfolks do it.


  3. JJJ #

    Mark, that was incredibly fabulous. Well done!


  4. Brimstone #

    Inspiring this video is the proudest thing I’ve done on the Internet.


  5. Johann #

    Allright! This is great stuff!


  6. Hepburn #

    This is almost as sexy as the man Mark Lee himself!


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