Overmurdering It 2009

Overmurdering It 2009

What horrifying delights can you expect from … Overmurdering It?

As you no doubt noticed, in this week leading up to Halloween, Overthinking It becomes Overmurdering It, the site that subjects popular culture to levels of brutality it probably doesn’t deserve.

We’ll have plenty of terrifying content for you all this week. For now, enjoy some of our ghoulish best from years past:

Jordan Stokes gave us five horror films that will leave you gleeful, as well as five horror films that will leave you feeling unclean. Our advice: sample one from each list!

Matt Belinkie ran down the critical oeuvre of Dan O’Bannon, unsung creator of the modern zombie. He compares O’Bannon’s take on zombism to Romero’s to see whose had greater staying power.

Finally, don’t forget our guest post from Eco-comics on Zombie Economics. Would zombies solve or exacerbate domestic labor problems?

We promise we have some content coming up this week that’s not entirely about zombies. Though why you’d want any is a mystery.

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