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i can has teh batmanz?

We are pleased to open the LOLjoker contest. Send your LOLjokers to sheely AT overthinkingit DOT com before Midnight EDT on Sunday, August 3, 2008. To one grand prize winner we’ll give away a vintage batman t-shirt and a guest … Continued

I'm cheating on you

I’m cheating on you

I’m a two-blog man now. As some of you know, I write and produce, the best darn news show for college kids on the web. We recently started a blog where we talk about some of our favorite segments. … Continued

The Philosophy of Batman

The Philosophy of Batman

(There Will Be Spoilers) Christopher Nolan didn’t major in philosophy in college (or “read philosophy at University,” as the case may be), but he evidently has some familiarity with the subject.  How do I know?  Well, both of his two … Continued

The Bling Bubble

The Bling Bubble

“Da Game is to be told, not to be sold.” — Snoop Dogg, 14th Annual Conference on Hip Hop Securitization In 2003, I identified what I believed to be a speculative bubble for bling bling — the shine, the scrilla, … Continued