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What Evil Drives

What Evil Drives

Once again, Overthinkingit hops into the saddle for Stacie Ponder’s Final Girl Film Club. This month’s pick:  The Car. Can we all just take a minute to consider how stupid that title is, by the way?  Sure, there’s a proud … Continued

Obama Rasta

Obama Rasta

Last week, I was sitting in a bar in the village of Ngare Ndare in northern Kenya, nursing a Krest Bitter Lemon, and listening to the radio. The radio was tuned to Metro FM, “Kenya’s House of Reggae.” Amidst the … Continued

Dey Know Yayo

Dey Know Yayo

I know this isn’t news: Anyone who really pays attention to hip-hop probably knows about the new Clipse mixtape already. But hey, we all have busy schedules. So just consider this a friendly reminder to download We Got It 4 … Continued

Best of the Blogs, Feb. 2008

Welcome back to “Best of the Blogs,” a feature dedicated to decreasing the amount of original content on Overthinking It. Today’s honoree is “Resurgence of the Soul Sample.” The story of how I came across this website is worth relating. … Continued