Open Thread for September 18, 2009

I’mma let you finish.

Despite a couple interesting movies (Anyone see Extract, Gamer, The September Issue, or The Informant!?), the big news at the moment is the return of fall TV. They’re not all the sex lives of teenagers—wait, Gossip GirlGleeThe Vampire Diaries90210Melrose Place… maybe they are all about the sex lives of teenagers. What new shows are you watching?

Oh, and we haven’t had an open thread since the Kanye thing and the subsequent national fustercluck of the “I’mma let you finish” meme

Wrather, I’mma let you finish, but the Overthinking It readership had one of the greatest open threads of all time.

4 Comments on “Open Thread for September 18, 2009”

  1. Darin #

    Nothing of great culture importance for me to overthink, still thinking about District 9 – a week and half after seeing it.

    I want to see Gamer partly because I play entirely too many video games, but also I like Michael C. Hall (Six Feet Under, Dexter).

    In the spirit of this desert of pop culture, I bought some tequila. OK, I bought it because it was cheap and I leftover tequila mix.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. It’s Danish days here in Solvang, CA and we’re off to eat aebelskivers. (link for history and picture of sugary goodness )


  2. mlawski OTI Staff #

    I enjoyed the Community pilot last night. Any show that has a 9/11 joke five minutes into its first episode has potential in my book.


  3. Tom #

    I see what you’re doing there, and fustercluck is great and all, but “pisghetti” is one of the best Spoonerisms of all time! Of all time!


  4. Gab #

    Mlawski: Agreed.

    Pretty much everything else I want to watch is premiering next week: DwtS, Flashforward, Dollhouse, and Castle. So yeah…

    How about the House passing a resolution decrying Wilson’s ourburst? Eh? *EH*?


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