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Fun With Basic

Fun With Basic

10   PRINT “Do you have a problem? (Y or N)” 20   INPUT $A 30   IF $A = “N” GOTO 120 40   PRINT “Can someone else help? (Y or N)” 50   INPUT $B 60   IF $B = “Y” GOTO 120 70   … Continued

The Cartoon Network Rickrolls Thanksgiving

The Cartoon Network Rickrolls Thanksgiving

You people have probably already seen this. But just in case: Obviously, I like it. But what, exactly, was the Cartoon Network thinking? Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends isn’t The Venture Brothers. It’s a show for kids, not net-savvy … Continued

Actual Quanta of Solace

Actual Quanta of Solace

[You may find it helpful to read this post first.] One-third of an oreo and two ounces of cold milk. Clean, dry socks. Guessing Wheel Of Fortune phrase before any of the contestants. Happy Birthday wishes (via Facebook) from high … Continued