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Back to the Cat

Back to the Cat

Oh my friends, I have wonderful links for you! Via Slumbering Lungfish, blog of the deeply hilarious Lore Sjoberg, I was directed to Garkov.  Garkov is a site that takes old Garfield strips and cranks the dialogue through a Markov … Continued

Robert Mugabe Officially A Fighter

Robert Mugabe Officially A Fighter

Zimbabwean strongman Robert Mugabe has been finally and officially stripped of his knighthood by staggeringly lenient Dungeon Master Queen Elizabeth II. This makes Mugabe officially a fighter, which is probably the class he should have been all along. But before … Continued

The Spider House Rules

So last May (that’s May 2007), Matt “Call Me the Webmaster” Wrather and I were taking in The Coast of Utopia, a trilogy of plays by Tom Stoppard. It covers the part of Russian history most people don’t know a … Continued

Cthulhu's Greatest Mystery

Cthulhu’s Greatest Mystery

What is Cthulhu, really? Why are the Great Old Ones here on Earth, and what are their plans? These are some of the great mysteries that have been haunting us since H.P. Lovecraft first introduced his Cthulhu mythos in the … Continued

George Carlin Passes Away

George Carlin Passes Away

Yes, George Carlin has died of heart failure. He was 71. Check out his Times write-up here. It does a better job of summing up his illustrious career than a chump like me ever could. I had the pleasure of … Continued

Controversy Update: Disney Edition

Controversy Update: Disney Edition

According to IMDB’s June 5th edition of Studio Briefing, Angelina Jolie brought up in public what many of us were thinking privately: Where in the world are Disney’s black princesses? Disney has had Chinese, Native American, Middle Eastern, mermaid, and … Continued