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Milkshake etymology

Milkshake etymology

Interesting article in USA Today (of all places) delving into the There Will Be Blood milkshake line: [Director P. T.] Anderson concedes that he’s puzzled by the phenomenon — particularly because the lines came straight from a transcript he found … Continued

The ANSiversary

The ANSiversary

The crew at Overthinking It are committed to reflecting thoughtfully on even the most crass of cultural phenomena. We’re like doctors: you can tell us all your embarrassing secrets. We will nod sagely, and prescribe a cream you can put … Continued

There Will Be Radiohead

There Will Be Radiohead

So let’s talk about the music. As you probably know, the score is by Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood (the musical equivalent of stunt casting) and it’s gotten a lot of press for that reason alone. But Greenwood has serious chops … Continued