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Michael Crichton Dies

Michael Crichton Dies

Sorry to once again be the (late) bearer of bad news, but the (late) Bard of Brachiosaurs, Michael Crichton, has died. Barring a mosquito that drank his blood on a beach vacation, then rested on a tree only to be … Continued

Who's the greatest living soul singer?

Who’s the greatest living soul singer? From Isaac Hayes’ breakthrough 1969 album, Hot Buttered Soul, which remains one of the great achievements in American pop music.  If you only know him as Chef from South Park, you owe it to yourselves to give his music … Continued

George Carlin Passes Away

George Carlin Passes Away

Yes, George Carlin has died of heart failure. He was 71. Check out his Times write-up here. It does a better job of summing up his illustrious career than a chump like me ever could. I had the pleasure of … Continued

R.I.P. Hearty Italian

R.I.P. Hearty Italian

Recently, I visited a Subway restaurant near where I work. I had been looking forward to a meatball sub. But instead, my stomach was filled only with sadness. Hearty Italian, my favorite bread, has been discontinued. Obviously, I’m a very … Continued