James Bond on Overthinking It

Open Thread for November 4, 2011

Apply this Open Thread to affected surfaces, then rub counterclockwise to begin exfoliation. Avoid mucous membranes! Before we get to the media, here’s a reminder: Today is your last chance ever to order one of our adorable, artisanal OTIs Holiday … Continued

Actual Quanta of Solace

Actual Quanta of Solace

[You may find it helpful to read this post first.] One-third of an oreo and two ounces of cold milk. Clean, dry socks. Guessing Wheel Of Fortune phrase before any of the contestants. Happy Birthday wishes (via Facebook) from high … Continued

Quantifying Solace

Quantifying Solace

[More guest post goodness today, this time from John Perich. Let us know what you think in the comments!] Quantum of Solace, last weekend’s highest grossing movie in America, was originally a short story, and is one of the few … Continued

The Name’s Wayne. Bruce Wayne.

Quantum of Solace Trailer In a world beset by corruption, only one man, playboy by day and above-the-law action hero with access to unbelievable riches and technology by night, can take on a massive criminal syndicate, despite the misgivings of … Continued