James Bond on Overthinking It

Actual Quanta of Solace

Actual Quanta of Solace

[You may find it helpful to read this post first.] One-third of an oreo and two ounces of cold milk. Clean, dry socks. Guessing Wheel Of Fortune phrase before any of the contestants. Happy Birthday wishes (via Facebook) from high … Continued

Quantifying Solace

Quantifying Solace

[More guest post goodness today, this time from John Perich. Let us know what you think in the comments!] Quantum of Solace, last weekend’s highest grossing movie in America, was originally a short story, and is one of the few … Continued

The Name’s Wayne. Bruce Wayne.

Quantum of Solace Trailer In a world beset by corruption, only one man, playboy by day and above-the-law action hero with access to unbelievable riches and technology by night, can take on a massive criminal syndicate, despite the misgivings of … Continued