Episode 20: Quantum of Podcast

In a special two-parter, the Overthinkers take up film exhibition, secret messages in crosswords, Synecdoche, New York, advances in videogame technology, and the profound social meanings of Gossip Girl.

A special two-part episode. In part one, Matthew Wrather, Matthew Belinkie, Mark Lee, and new regular Josh McNeil (who ditches us halfway through) overthink:

  • The Simpsons‘s longevity
  • The coming revolution in film exhibition
  • How none of us saw Bond
  • Synecdoche, New York: Painful but Good
  • Recent advances in video game technology

And in Part Two, Wrather sits down with Ryan Sheely for a profound discussion of the sociological implications of Gossip Girl. The word “purports” is used repeatedly, and the word “telos” at least once.

As always, feedback is welcome in the comments, by email to podcast at overthinkingit dot com, or at (203) 285-6401 (that’s 20-EAT-LOG-01).

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One Comment on “Episode 20: Quantum of Podcast”

  1. Ryan #

    Re: film exhibition
    When I lived in LA, I went to a dinner-theater of the sort you talked about. Every week, this place offered a different movie, usually scheduled along themes. For example, I went in October, which was Tim Burton month, and saw “Beetlejuice.” We ordered shortly after we got there, and the waitress served drinks and appetizers before the screening began. The entrees were served between reels at some point.
    I really enjoyed sitting at a table with my friends and experiencing the movie in a new and fun way. I don’t know that I’d ever see a first run film that way, but the calimari was excellent. I can’t for the life of me remember what the name of the theater was.


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