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The 2008 Summer Movie Mashup

The 2008 Summer Movie Mashup

Is it possible to tell a single story that incorporates every major movie that came out this summer? Let’s find out. PROLOGUE A stylish woman sits in a coffee shop, typing on her laptop. We hear a familiar voiceover: “Sometimes, … Continued

The 2007 Summer Movie Mashup

The 2007 Summer Movie Mashup

I’m currently trying to come up with a plot that ties in every single summer movie this year. It’s tricky – there are a LOT of summer movies. While I’m cooking that up, here’s a similar mashup from last summer. … Continued

Dueling God Only Knows

Dueling God Only Knows

This one was inspired by the five Trapped in the Closet episodes all at once. I started thinking about other pieces of video that shared a soundtrack, and could potentially be synced up. So here you go – the closing … Continued