Episode 35: Stewardess of the Mind

Sheely returns with Wrather to discuss the past three Columbia-centric episodes of Gossip Girl.

Ryan Sheely returns with Matthew Wrather to discuss the past three episodes of Gossip Girl, focusing on the casualization of academic labor, the priority of social orders, the place of education in Gossip Girl, Weberian vs. Marxian conceptions of modernity, and the film language of alliances and and shifting

Required reading for next time: Armstrong, Elizabeth A., et al. “Is Hooking Up Bad for Young Women?” Contexts 9.3 (2010): 28–32.

Also, Wrather’s shameless plug for his show.

There will be no spoiler warnings and there will be many naughty words. If either of those things bothers you, don’t click!

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2 Comments on “Episode 35: Stewardess of the Mind”

  1. Redem #

    I’d never suspect I’d live in a world were Tim Gunn would be in a marvel comic book before Gossip Girl


  2. Omar #

    This required reading is pretty messed up. They bracket out the major of one quoted subject, but disclose the name of the boyfriend of another as Dan. They cite a suicide attempt and offerings of gifts and flowers as being abusive to women.

    I fail to believe that casualization of sexual relations and having women be temporary service providers is a neutral or positive societal trend.


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