The Return Of The Overview

For the first time, all 11 titles in The Overview collection are now available! Watch your favorite movies with your smart, funny friends from the Internet.

Members of the Overthinking It community: we’re very excited to re-introduce you to The Overview, our series of alternative commentary tracks to your favorite movies.


What’s The Overview, you might be asking? Well, it’s like having the Overthinking It writers in your living room watching a movie with you, providing witty and insightful banter, but without the need to squeeze us onto your sofa, feed us popcorn and beer, and explain to your significant other why these Internet People have showed up to talk over a movie while you watch it.

After some back-end retooling, we’re now able to offer the entire catalog of 11 titles for sale for the first time ever, all at the low price of $2.99:

Each commentary track is a DRM-free MP3 download. You just need your own copy of the movie and a way to play our audio track alongside the movie. We provide instruction on how to sync up our audio track with your copy of the movie.

We love The Overview because we see this as the best way of sharing the core Overthinking It experience with all of you. Overthinking It started as a bunch of college friends watching movies together while trading witty banter, snark, and insights; sometimes in a competitive one-upsmanship way, but always aiming to amuse each other by reaching a deeper understanding of pop culture. We were having smarter fun together then. We want to have smarter fun together, now, with all of you.

Still not convinced? Try The Overview for free! We’re offering our Overview of the vampire coming of age classic Twilight at no charge. We’ve even had people tell us they enjoyed listening to the commentary track without even watching the movie. Based on that feedback, we think we’re doing something right. Download it now!


To help us celebrate the re-launch of The Overview, we have three things to ask of you:

  1. If you’ve purchased and enjoyed The Overview in the past, we would really appreciate it if you wrote a comment on this post to let people know what you watched and what you enjoyed about it.
  2. Whether or not you’ve CONSUMED The Overview before, let us know what movies you’d like us to give The Overview treatment to. The original Star Wars Trilogy is a likely candidate, as is Batman Begins (so we can round out the entire Christopher Nolan trilogy). But we’re open to anything (not just genre movies from the 80’s and 90’s) as long as we enjoy it and have something interesting to say about it!

7 Comments on “The Return Of The Overview”

  1. lemur #

    I would dearly love an Overview of any Miyazaki Hayao anime. And/or any date-night movie that I, as a stereotypical cis male, would ordinarily not be interested in but which my wife, as a stereotypical female-type lady-person, wants to watch together – Titanic would be a prime example (and could actually offer a decent amount of stuff to overthink).


    • Mark Lee OTI Staff #

      Both are great suggestions, in particular Titanic, which, for males of my generation, is too quickly written off as “that sappy movie my sister or girlfriend dragged me to that one time, which was one of seven times she saw it,” or alternatively, “that movie with the Celine Dion theme song.”


    • MoxDiamond #

      I second the aforementioned Titanic suggestion, as these overviews are how I am trying to get my SO into the podcast and she would love to hear that.

      As for other movie ideas, I think hearing a discussion of the crazy time travel movie Primer would be great, and of course my all time favorite film Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, which is even more interesting if someone has read the graphic novels.


  2. Phizzled #

    Without too much analysis, I’d default to my favorite movies.
    High fidelity, blade 2, the matrix (think pieces on the matrix are probably unnecessary at this point), and hellboy are all cheesy, but serious.

    I feel strongly like i must have heard your treatment of the fast and the furioust, but maybe i didn’t, as i don’t have the file on my computer.


    • Mark Lee OTI Staff #

      I feel strongly like i must have heard your treatment of the fast and the furioust, but maybe i didn’t, as i don’t have the file on my computer.


      Send me an email at lee at overthinkingit dot com and I’ll look into our purchase history. If you’ve already bought it we can get you another copy to download.


      • Phizzled #

        It seems most likely that you guys were pitching the Overviews hard at the time I started listening to the podcast (about three years ago) and I likely conflated those pitches with something like How Did This Get Made.

        In conclusion, I probably need to spend more money here instead of just using the Amazon affiliate link.


  3. Liffer Member #

    There’s a lot to overthink in Pixar’s films. Also it would be interesting if one of the Coen Brothers’ or Wes Anderson’s films were included too.


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