The Overview: Twilight

The Overview: Twilight

The Overthinkers launch The Overview, an occasional series of alternative movie commentaries, with an episode on Twilight.

Today, we’re proud to launch The Overview, an occasional series of alternative audio commentaries for the movies you love—or love to hate.

In honor of today’s premiere of Twilight: Eclipse, we offer you our first episode, covering the first film in the series, Twilight.

→ Download The Overview #1: Twilight

To listen to the commentary, you’re going to need a copy of the same movie we’re watching. (Though it would be interesting to play all of our commentaries with, say, The Wizard of Oz and see how they sync up.) Start listening to our commentary on your computer or MP3 player, and we’ll tell you how to cue the movie up and when to hit play.

A bit about what this is, or, rather, isn’t: This isn’t just comedy…we’re not going for laughs. We may get some (intentional, we hope), but the folks at MST3K and, more recently, RiffTrax have got the market cornered on comedy commentaries.

What we’re offering is a bit more specific—we’re offering the experience of watching a movie with…well…us. When the Overthinkers get together to watch a movie (usually Starship Troopers), it’s impossible to shut us up. Insights, observations, jokes, smart-ass remarks, and cultural references start flying. And that’s exactly what we’ve tried to record.

We hope that sharing the overthinking with you gives you a more entertaining, enjoyable experience of the movie. Use the link at the top of the page to contact us and let us know how we did!

11 Comments on “The Overview: Twilight”

  1. cat #

    I enjoyed The Overview. I somehow managed to listen to it through to the end without watching the film. You definitely did something right. I still have no desire to see the film but this commentary made me laugh out loud more than a few times.


  2. paulbd #

    I enjoyed listening to the commentary, but after watching it again has forced me to go back and lower my imdb rating for the movie from 4 to 3.


  3. Tulse #

    So when are we getting the commentary for Starship Troopers?!

    No, seriously!


  4. Matthew Wrather #

    @cat and @paulbd — Glad you enjoyed the track. I suppose that watching something a second time always carries the risk that you will realize you didn’t like it as much as you thought you did. See: Moulin Rouge.

    @Tulse: The immediate plan is to do the second twilight movie in honor of the big release next weekend… But Starship Troopers is definitely on the to do list.


  5. petrlesy #

    thanks, i enjoyed the commentary and now one day i might actually be able to watch the real thing

    please please do the starship troopers or anything by Verhoeven really, imo he makes such great bites for overthinking

    and i did really like moulin rouge even for the second time, what the hell is wrong with me…


  6. John Perich #

    Wait, so folks listened to the commentary without actually watching the movie at the same time? I didn’t think we were that interesting! I’m flattered. :)


  7. Paul #

    Okay, I’m seeing the other comments here and crazy me, I actually checked the movie out from my library (I wasn’t going to pay actual cash money to see it) and am about to go watch with the commentary.

    I haven’t seen it previously other than the parts used in the Buffy/Edward mash up. After that, I was sure I’d never watch it, even on TV. Then you had to go and do this and I’ve been waiting months for it to get posted.


  8. Tyler #

    Very enjoyable. I hope to see more on here in the future.


  9. Redem #

    I loved it too, even if the pause get a bit ackward when you don’t have the movie

    I enjoyed that commentary track more than the movie


  10. Chris #

    Did Belinkie say he worked on Cheap Seats? I very much enjoyed that show.


  11. Jon #

    Loved the Overview, hope to see this continue as this is a great avenue for overthinking.


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