The Overview: Ghostbusters 2


Alternative Commentary on Ghostbusters 2 (Downloadable MP3)

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This edition of “The Overview,” our series of alternative commentaries on your favorite movies, takes us all the way back to 1989, to the economically and ectoplasmically uncertain terrain of New York City, where slime runs beneath the sewers, babies float in the air, and Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver spend way more time than you’d expect discussing their relationship.

This Overview of Ghostbusters 2 features Matthew Wrather, Peter Fenzel, and special guest Bear McCreary, noted composer for film and television and bona-fide pop-culture savant in his own right, giving insight into the musical landscape of the film and drawing from his encyclopedic knowledge of 1980s B-movies.

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You’ll need your own copy of Ghostbusters 2 in any format, and you’ll need to download the file so that you can play both at the same time.

Download the commentaries listeners have called call “So good, I don’t even need the movie to enjoy them.” (Don’t get us wrong, we recommend you play the movie too. But it was awfully nice of them to say.)


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