Underthinking It: The Five Hottest Hitchcock Blondes

Let’s scope out The Five Hottest Hitchcock Blondes, bro.

2. Ingrid Bergman

You may recognize this hottie from our earlier series, 5 Hottest Stars of Michael Curtiz Films, based on her head-turning role in Casablanca. But she also gave it up for Hitchcock in three steamy roles – a trampy trophy wife in Notorious, a lusty love doctor in Spellbound and a hellcat of a housewife in Under Capricorn. I’d always heard that Swedish chicks were less inhibited; too bad she died before we could find out.

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  1. inmate #



  2. Tom #

    You could probably get this front-paged at HuffPo if you put [SLIDESHOW] at the beginning of the title.


  3. Paul #

    “you can totally spot nips.” almost caused a spit take. You could write for College Humor now.


  4. Tom Houseman #

    From now on I will only refer to Grace Kelly as “eminently boffable.” Freaking hilarious.


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