2010 PAX East Recap

2010 PAX East Recap

By nerds, for nerds, with nerds.

But more than anything else, PAX is about gamer culture. It’s a place where people who love games come to game, meet each other and explore. Krahulik and Holkins don’t need the money (does this make money?) and they don’t need the press. They do it because they like building communities. And also, because it gives them POWER!







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  1. Bob #

    Total sidebar question – I’m a huge Kris Straub fan. I met him at Comic Con last year and actually shook (Didn’t even do that when I met the great Billy D!). I’ve read everything Chainsawsuit and Starslip and even his shortlived music comic. I got about 5 strips into Checkerboard Nightmare and gave up. Anyone know should I continue? I totally forgot about CN until I saw it on the above picture.

    Thank you!

    Perich – glad you had a good time and appreciate the pics!


  2. Wade #

    Holy crap. Bottom photo, page 2. Those were my college roommates. It figures they’d go to PAX East and not invite me.


  3. Wade #

    UPDATE: Just got in touch with one of my old roommates, and according to him, they were “D&D adventurers, rolling 20s through hordes of chaos and all that good stuff.”

    So, Perich, your assessment was pretty much right on the money.


  4. Coley Blackwaters #

    Hey! I know those guys too. Hey Wade, thanks for showing me this. I just realized with a start that there are actually 4 people in that picture. Oh well, I got about an hour long retelling of the whole experience from the guy in the armor and it sounded awesomely geeky. I wanna go now. The other pics are awesome as well, thanks for sharing!


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