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More T-Shirts

More T-Shirts

Recently, your team of Overthinking It writers decided to celebrate Labor Day by creating a product line so irresistible to consumers that none of us would ever have to work again. Readers, I give you… Overthinking It T-Shirts. You’ve subjected … Continued

The Word Cloud Conspiracy

The Word Cloud Conspiracy

One of my many vices is political blogs. I read a whole slew of them, several times a day (and lord help me, I even read the comments). I especially enjoy reading the progressive DailyKos, and the staunchly conservative RedState, … Continued

Yes Grimace Can

Yes Grimace Can

My Friends, Obviously, the presidential election is our focus right now. But there are other races going on too. Races that deserve our attention. I am, of course, referring to the current battle for the heart and soul of McDonaldland.



Screenshots identified and connections explained, after the jump. Spoilers for many movies are found below. I don’t want to give away the titles yet, because the reveal is part of the fun… just proceed with caution, all right?



I got to this from the Onion AV Club’s “videocracy” feature, which tracks the most popular videos on the intertubes.  This means that the odds of any of you not having already seen this are, to say the least, slim.  … Continued