Overthinking “30 Rock”


This is it, folks. One of our favorite TV comedies, 30 Rock, is coming to an end. Before you snuggle up with your box of tissues and supply of Night Cheese to watch the final episode, check out the Overthinking we’ve done on the show over the past few years. Also, post your predictions for the finale in the comments!

30 Rock: The Most Liberal Show on TV?


Let’s face it, Liz Lemon ain’t the likable, reasonable straight man, and she ain’t all that liberal, either.  Although she often claims solidarity with the workers, she rarely stays on their side.  She went to get a flu shot even when she said she would not do so until her crew got them, too.  The minute she got promoted, she screamed, “Suck it, monkeys!  I’m going corporate!” to her underlings.  She even admitted she would probably vote for John McCain but tell her friends she voted for Obama.

Not Ready For Primetime: Cast Sizes in 30 Rock and Studio 60


“30 Rock” has therefore decided to compress the entirety of a show cast into Jenna, Tracy and a half-invisible third character (played first by Lonny Ross and then Cheyenne Jackson). Lonny Ross’s Josh was an active part of the plot in the first season, than started to drift into the background during seasons two and three. The show reintroduced Josh in the fourth season in an episode where the characters didn’t know he still worked there (just like the audience). This allowed “30 Rock” to do a couple plots about hiring a new cast member, who became a central part of the show for a while but has since faded into the background.

Vote: Does Alec Baldwin Exist in the 30 Rock Universe?

"Put that coffee down! Coffee for closer only!"

“Put that coffee down! Coffee for closer only!”

But consider the media-savvy characters of 30 Rock. They’re constantly referencing pop culture and would surely be familiar with Alec Baldwin’s movies and his many memorable roles and lines. They would point out the physical resemblance between Donaghy and Baldwin and the resemblance between Donaghy’s cutthroat business sense and the Glenngary character’s “Third prize is ‘you’re fired’” cutthroat business sense. It would be a constant source of material for Liz in situations when she’s trying to gain the upper hand on Jack.

Kabletown Vertical Integration Update


In March 2012, Kabletown shocked entertainment and furniture experts with their surprise entry into the couch market. Its subsidiary, Kouchtown, is now a vital part of Kabletown’s Vertical Integration (VI) strategy for controlling the home entertainment experience. Swedish furniture giant IKEA, however, was not to be outdone. In April they unveiled their new UPPLEVA television, and with it, their own vertically integrated push for living room domination.

It is with this backdrop of high business drama that Overthinking It has obtained a confidential Kabletown internal presentation that details bold options for the company’s response to the IKEA challenge:


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    Jack Donaghy mentioned the Baldwins in the finale. Were the 30 Rock writers addressing a OTI article? I can only assume yes.