Kabletown Vertical Integration Update

Kabletown Vertical Integration Update

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Kabletown PowerPoint reveals their strategy for taking on the IKEA threat.

In March 2012, Kabletown shocked entertainment and furniture experts with their surprise entry into the couch market. Its subsidiary, Kouchtown, is now a vital part of Kabletown’s Vertical Integration (VI) strategy for controlling the home entertainment experience. Swedish furniture giant IKEA, however, was not to be outdone. In April they unveiled their new UPPLEVA television, and with it, their own vertically integrated push for living room domination.

It is with this backdrop of high business drama that Overthinking It has obtained a confidential Kabletown internal presentation that details bold options for the company’s response to the IKEA challenge:

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  1. Skab #

    Sadly I’ve seen internal memos as crazy as this. sadly.

    Funny slideshow though!
    Kabletown just needs to create their own league of Swedish heavy metal to compete!

    They have Sabaton, they need to create The Sollerets!
    Opeth, means city of the moon right? How about City of the dark side of the moon! Heavy metal tribute band! Amirite? SALES!
    Soilwork? How about Night Soil? It sounds edgy and its all about waste management! METAL! SALES!


  2. An Inside Joke #

    How could they count “Queen of Jordan” as a helpful factor, but completely forget about “America’s Kids Got Singing”?


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