Humor on Overthinking It

Back before we had a blog…

… if we wanted to entertain ourselves on the internets, we had to make stuff like this. I can’t believe some admin hasn’t deleted it yet. It’s been, what, five years now? That’s a pretty durable piece of vandalism.

Terminator Prologue

Terminator Prologue

[Continuing Terminator Week, Matthew Belinkie imagines how John Connor’s decision to send Reese back to 1984 might have come about. You’ll hear this radio-drama enacted on our Terminator Week podcast, “How to Survive a Terminator Attack,” to be released this … Continued

Live Baby Jokes

Live Baby Jokes

Q: What’s blue and yellow and found at the bottom of a pool? A: A plastic butterfly toy from Baby Einstein. Q: What’s red and crawls up your leg? A: A baby that has, adorably, spilled cranberry juice all over … Continued