Episode 751: A Turducken of Jack in the Boxes

On the Overthinking It Podcast, we say thanks for our pop culture favorites that made 2022 worth watching.

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Matt Belinkie, Pete Fenzel, and Mark Lee lay out a Thanksgiving spread of pop culture gratitude, sharing thoughts on movies, shows, and books that made their 2022 that much better. Thanks are extended, but not limited, to kids’ show Bluey and Hulu’s Shoresy, plus more love for Everything Everywhere All At Once.

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One Comment on “Episode 751: A Turducken of Jack in the Boxes”

  1. T.J. #

    “I feel like the levers of policy that the President of the World has available in a DBZ scenario are perceived by the public as not really what he’s responsible for… It must be hard to be a politician in the DBZ world.”

    I miss Pop Fixers :)


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