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When we began Overthinking It in 2008, it was a fun thing we did in our spare time. We had plenty of it on our hands. And it went better than we could have imagined—thousands of articles, podcasts, videos; an audience in the tens of millions. but after eight years on the Internet, it looked like the whole thing was slowing down.

But here’s the thing: We want to give you more content, more often. And we want to guarantee our crew can keep making the smartest, funniest stuff together for a long time to come. We’ll never be the biggest pop culture site—and we don’t want to be; we want to be your favorite pop culture site. And hope that’s something you’re willing to support.

We’re proud to offer Overthinking It Memberships, a monthly subscription for our audience to give back to Overthinking It and get something in return. Support the site with a small monthly payment, or pay for the whole year and get a hefty 16.67% discount!


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If you love Overthinking It—if we have made you laugh, made you think, or made some sense out of the hodge-podge of movies, TV, music, comics, games, and more that we call “pop culture”, we hope you will become a member. We don’t just want to continue Overthinking It, we want it to grow, with more writers, more podcasts, more coverage of the things we love to love. And we can do it with the direct support of our audience—you.

Please help us ensure a future for Overthinking It. Show everyone that you support the site that you love by becoming a Charter Member today. Here’s to another eight years and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait, is Overthinking It not free anymore?
We’re going to keep publishing articles and podcasts on the site, just as we do today. Products like the Overview and our t-shirts will still be for sale to non-members. But we hope you’ll consider becoming a member. You’ll have access to features above and beyond the common rabble. And truthfully we just don’t have the ability to keep running this site as a hobby—it takes way too much work. The direct support of our audience—just a few bucks a month from everyone—will guarantee an Overthinking It that’s better than ever.

What about the Podcasts?
We are going to take the older podcasts—more than a year old—off the public feed and make them available to members only. This is similar to the way that podcasts like WTF have operated for a while. But you’ve got a couple weeks till that happens, and you can use that time to download the whole catalog if you like, and really stick it to us fat cats at OTI.

What is this Members Area like? It sounds pretty fancy.
You have no idea.

Is it safe to use my credit card?
We use Stripe to process and store credit card information securely, using industry-standard encryption and privacy practices. Overthinking It doesn’t store (or even know) your credit card number, and you will only be charged for things you buy.

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