Episode 727: From Being a Maverick to Being the Maverick

On the Overthinking It podcast, we tackle “Top Gun: Maverick”, the newest entry in the Danger Zone Cinematic Universe.

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Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, Ryan Sheely, and Matthew Wrather climb into the cockpit for Top Gun: Maverick, which came roaring into theaters afterburners a-firin’ over Memorial day weekend. We talk about our early experience of the original movie, the mythic geometry of the action sequences, the themes and techniques of this genre-hopping remake, and we don’t leave without thanking the Iceman.

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2 Comments on “Episode 727: From Being a Maverick to Being the Maverick”

  1. Phizzled #

    I hope not, but is the 90s movie about kids being recruited to operate drones Toys, starring Joan Cusack and Robin Williams?


  2. MikeO #

    The enemy in the movie doesn’t matter because the enemy in real life doesn’t matter. Both are manufactured for spectacle. The movie/war is going to happen, and we’re going make it happen.


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