Episode 329: “You’re a loose cannon but you’re a dang good time lord.”

The Overthinkers tackle their week in pop culture.

Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, and Matthew Wrather overthink their week in pop culture.

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Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock and his scientific/magical Pie Chart.

12 Comments on “Episode 329: “You’re a loose cannon but you’re a dang good time lord.””

  1. clayschuldt #

    I suspect the decline in quality parody is due to the rise of the internet. YouTube takes the best jokes right away. Rifftrax also provides the gentle mocking we need in long form.


  2. babybiceps #

    Strangely a-propos: This morning the AV club published this piece from one of their writers with his take on death scenes like in GotG in light of a personal tragedy. Both interesting and heartbreaking.

    link here


    • clayschuldt #

      I caught that AV Club article too while listening to this podcast. My girlfriend had a similar response to GotG. She liked the film but hated the beginning as her mother died after a prolonged illness and she was unprepared for something like that is a outers space adventure.


  3. Hudsucker #

    I haven’t seen it yet, but I heard They Came Together was a great recent spoof of romantic comedies. So there’s that.


  4. Emil #

    I’m that kind of guy who starts watching popular TV when last season starts (earliest) or many years after it concluded its run. I’m still trying to finish Breaking Bad S1E1.

    Anyway, two things: I didn’t hear the name of series that Mark started watching. The one that replaces 30 Rock (I think that’s a lie, but I’m willing to give it a shot).

    And, Pete, have you ever watched Kill la Kill? I finally gave in and I must say, for a seasoned anime watcher, it’s non-stop comedy made from tropes and absurdities of a genre.


    • Mark Lee OTI Staff #

      I said that Brooklyn Nine-Nine partly fills the 30 Rock-sized hole in my heart. To elaborate, both show are zany workplace comedies, sprinkle in NYC specific references, sling jokes at a fast pace, and feature larger-than-life characters, including a father-figure who tends to steal the spotlight.


      • Emil #

        Ah, thanks! It’s not like I didn’t listen to what you where saying, I was making my breakfast and for a second things sizzled a little too loud.

        I think I like zany workspace comedies. The Office, 30 Rocks and Scrubs (you can argue it’s a medical show but I would disagree!) are high on my personal “I can always watch an episode or six” list.


  5. Crystal #

    So that’s why I hate Will Ferrell movies.


  6. Connor Moran #

    I was so sad to watch as a Cheers/”Norm”core joke sailed right over the plate


    • Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #

      But it provided the occasion for this comment, so weren’t you in the end happy?


  7. Liz Strahle #

    It’s a great show from what I’ve heard from 2010 to 2014. I only listened to a few shows from 2014. I listened to one show from 2014. I lt was great Peter as the host!!


    • Liz Strahle #

      I meant I listened to one show from 2010 and the rest from 2014.


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