Didn’t like Bob Dylan’s Chrysler Super Bowl commercial? Then you’ll hate this.

The answer, my friend, is drivin’ a sedan. The answer is drivin’ a sedan.

During the second half of the Super Bowl, Americans were puzzled to see a grizzled, poorly dubbed Bob Dylan extolling the virtues of American manufacturing and Chrysler cars. As we commented on the Overthinking Podcast, we weren’t happy to see the quintessential countercultural protest voice of a generation doing something so mundane, so bourgeois, as shilling for a car company.

This is easy enough to understand, but here at Overthinking It, one of the things we love to do is carry an idea to its logical extreme to prove our points. In the case of Bob Dylan shilling for Chrysler, that takes the form of imaging how his classic songs could be used to sell cars off a dealer’s lot.

With that, ladies and gentlemen, we’re proud to present:

Bob Dylan for Chrysler.


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