Overthinking It Popfixers, Episode 2, “Vampire High School”

This week, the Popfixers, joined by special guest Chris Duffy of the You’re the Expert podcast, discover vampires are hiding in plain sight… among ordinary high school students! What to do?! The Popfixers are on it!

Watch Overthinking It stalwarts Ben Adams and Matt Wrather pitch their fixes for a high school teacher confronting students who thirst for human blood!! And who also attempt to date non-vampire high school students!!

PopfixersThis week they match teen vampire fixes with special guest Chris Duffy, real-life certified teacher and host of the always hilarious and informative You’re the Expert podcast.

It’s the second episode of Overthinking It Popfixers, hosted by Pete Fenzel!

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It's Taste of Italy Day!!!

It’s Taste of Italy Day!!!

6 Comments on “Overthinking It Popfixers, Episode 2, “Vampire High School””

  1. Elizabeth #

    You gave the win to the guy who condoned discriminating against students who may not be a danger to others? Aw, no. As an educator, I have to say that I am strongly against arming students. And as a former drama club member, I have to say that I am especially against arming the spastic students.


    • Matthew Wrather OTI Staff #



      • Ben Adams OTI Staff #


        “Actually, anyone can ‘watch’ the vigilante group known as ‘The Watchers’ in the auditorium this weekend, in their production of ‘Our Town.’ Come early for a special presentation by the Honors Orchestra!”


  2. Tulse #

    1. Institute compulsory swimming test.
    2. Surreptitiously fill the school pool with holy water.

    (And there is something unutterably geeky about doing the “X solution to Y problem” randomizing by using random.org, rather than pulling two slips of paper out of a hat.)


  3. Gab #

    Matt, I love your idea of getting the usually-ignored kids to step up and become badass, but problem with your plan: As a teacher, where the frak are you going to get the money for that?

    So the Babysitter’s Club solution to a government shutdown problem is actually quite simple, if my memory serves me correct (I had all those books in my younger days), because at least the build-up is pretty similar. Most of the conflict in the books involved the girls in the group not communicating with each other, which leads to misunderstandings- either they keep information from one another, take on more than they can chew, or they get some tidbit of info and jump to conclusions without asking (then passive-aggressively hold it against the other). The hostility between girls builds up, either on the emotional level, or with them doing more and more “things” to annoy or inconvenience one another, until there’s some sort of breaking point, often involving one or more of the children they’re, as a group, supposed to take care of (because again, I believe the way the club functioned, there was a general list of families, and whenever one needed a sitter, whichever girl was available would take it). (I believe there’s even a book where the girl babysitting was so distracted by the other thing, a kid got lost in a sewer or something…?) In the end, they sit down, talk it out, and move forward. Likewise, stalemates in Congress evolve because different members of Congress are unwilling to talk to one another, leading to greater and greater problems that spill out into the American public. And while in reality, Congress’s “solutions” come from them sitting down and talking, the reasons for doing so are quite different, and the solutions don’t actually solve those specific conflicts. just push them to the side until they crop up again.

    So, in conclusion, Congress should be replaced by the Babysitter’s Club.


  4. cat #

    I am really loving this series even if it’s somewhat disturbing to actually see your faces when you’re talking. I feel like step 1 should be figuring out what kind of vampires you’re dealing with. Is this a world where we assume that vampires have always existed and at least some of the older stories that make up the canon of vampire lore came about after actual encounters with vampires? Or are we to assume that even though “we” know that Stephanie Meyer invented sparkling vampires, it is possible that in this universe the rules of vampires from any work of fiction could be in play? If so, the first step should be to figure out which rules apply before assuming your various weapons and protective measures will have any effect.

    I’m also surprised that no one went with the option of talking to the vampire teenager’s parents.


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