NY Comic-Con 2010: Photo Gallery

NY Comic-Con 2010: Photo Gallery

Princess Peach is not my lover. She’s just the girl who thinks that I am the one.

That’s right, Overthinking It was back at New York Comic-Con, and we’ve got the crazy pictures to prove it!

Compared to last year, our coverage won’t be quite as extensive–the lack of big summer movie previews is mostly to blame for that–but look out for video and commentary over the next few days. Until then, enjoy these pictures from the convention floor.

(Update: if you’re reading this through an RSS feed, you probably won’t be able to see all of the witty captions I wrote for the pictures. Click through to the article to see them.)

2 Comments on “NY Comic-Con 2010: Photo Gallery”

  1. shawn Pitre #

    Very nice spread of photos.

    Glad you were able to get in and get those.

    And Ms(I’ll say Ms, just to be safe) Pac-Man is wrong….Just simply wrong.


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