Episode 85: I have to get knives and fight evil!

Episode 85: I have to get knives and fight evil!

The Overthinkers tackle the Olympics and reveal their valentines.

Matthew Wrather hosts with Peter Fenzel, Mark Lee, John Perich, Jordan Stokes, and special guest Natalie Baseman to overthink Valentine’s Day, Sharktopodes, the Olympics, the Tough Guy challenge, and more Valentine’s Day. Fair warning: It gets a little NSFW towards the end.

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20 Comments on “Episode 85: I have to get knives and fight evil!”

  1. Mads Ejstrup #

    Maybe it’s my computer, but there seems to be something wrong with this episode. I can’t download it. I need my weekly OTI-fix:-)


  2. Rob #

    Ditto, I can’t download it through iTunes or through the hyperlink in this post.


  3. Bob #

    I was able to get it through iTunes. Only 8 minutes in and I love it – CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK TWO!!!!

    Now what should it be called? Back in 04, the proposed name was The Underverse.

    Some alternate names:
    Chronciles of Riddick 2 – Cruise Control
    Chronciles of Riddick 2 – Revenge of the Fallen Necromonger
    Chronciles of Riddick 2 – The Lord Marshal Strikes Back
    Chronciles of Riddick 2 – The Legend of Kyra’s Gold
    Chronciles of Riddick 2 – Return to the Underverse for the first time.
    and my favorite:
    Chronciles of Riddick 2 – The Temple of Toombs


  4. Matthew Wrather #

    There seems to be a problem with our content delivery network (the company that actually hosts the audio files). We’re working on it and will get it up.


  5. fenzel #

    “We’re working on it and will get it up.”

    That’s what he said.

    By the way, my favorite Riddick sequel name came in the Ustream thread.

    Pitch Black III: Pitcher and Blacker

    It could star Martin Lawrence and Chris Tucker as sass-talking nocturnal hammerhead monsters.


  6. Bob #

    @ Fenzel – LOL! I’ve got to check out the Ustream!


  7. Johann #

    There was something wrong with my podcast, too. I could download it alright, and the first half or so was okay, but then it was full of dirty jokes and sexual innuendo. Could it be that on the way across the Atlantic it somehow got contaminated?


  8. lee OTI Staff #

    @Johann: consider it our Valentines’ Day gift to you. ;-)

    @Stokes: *Well, ACTUALLY*: I believe you were trying to make a reference to the SETI@Home distributed computing project when we were talking about that, um, video chat service:



  9. Victoria #

    It’s the year of the Tiger and NOBODY made a Tiger Woods joke? Really?


  10. stokes #

    @Johann: Strange, I don’t know how that could have happened! When I listen to it, it’s two straight hours of erudite speculation on the etymological roots of “octoshark.” I blame the digital millenium copyright act.


  11. Patrick #

    Nellie McKay is pronounced with a hard I sound, not like Dylan McKay. muh-KY, not MIH-kay.


  12. perich OTI Staff #

    @Victoria: we all snickered at Mark’s invocation to “do Tiger things” this year. That’s as close as we’ll get. We have our dignity, y’know.


  13. Natalie #

    I. Here is Nellie McKay singing “Mother of Pearl.” Its a delight.


    II. It didn’t really fit in with the Tough Guy talk on the Podcast, but the guy who I met on the plane who did the competition #1 was roommates with Jon Heder at BYU. (And why would someone lie about that to impress a girl) #2 Documented his Tough Guy experience with this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Spd4w6euWNY and #3 helped to create the awesome cartoon, The Children Kids. http://thechildrenkids.com/

    III. Everyone should read their city’s craigslist missed connections from Valentine’s Day. They are extra awesome. And extra creepy.


  14. Dan #

    Let me try that again… if you hit any truly dreadful craigslist ads, we’d love for you to send them in to our website, You Suck at Craigslist. (just click mah name for the link)


  15. Lucas #

    Why did you mention chat roulette? I think your listeners have swarmed it, because now it’s full of overweight, middle-aged, middle-eastern men trying to win the Gold medal for best handjob. Also several of Lee’s followers are on there now: Koreans with headsets on, staring blankly at the screen.


  16. Natalie #

    I tried out chatroulette with my roommate yesterday! Every other new chat was, yes, a teenage butt or male genital region, however, we ended up having three great conversations with gentlemen from Monaco, Michigan and Sweden respectively. In the first convo with the French guy, we didn’t realize he could hear us as well as see us, so we kept joking to each other about when he going to show his D.

    Everyone should try it out. Be prepared for explicit material, so don’t do it at work.


  17. stabbim #

    On the Olympic opening ceremonies:

    I felt bad for the Georgian athletes. They’ve trained hard all their lives, finally made it to this great event, intending to actually enjoy their time in the spotlight during the Parade Of Nations …and due to actions beyond their control and the fate of someone who is likely as much a stranger to them as a competing athlete from any other country, their walk-in suddenly becomes a ersatz funeral procession.

    I’m sure most of them were earnest in their solemnity, but I’ll bet at least a few were seething internally, resentful the pressure on them not to smile and wave like everyone else.


  18. Megan from Lombard #

    I’ll admit that I watched Chronicles of Riddick only for Karl Urban (played the SIC who tried to stage a coup through out the movie) but ended up liking it so much that I got the Directors Cut when it came out on DVD (although it’s been years since I’ve watched it).

    maybe I qualify as the “jock” persona among the geeks; I played soccer when I was young as well as softball until I was a freshman in high school and just joined a roller hockey team. But I never miss a daily viewing of Babylon5.


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