What Should Mlawski Overthink Next?

Help her not be a sad panda.



Since she has brought closure—at least for now—to her formidable series of articles Overthinking Lost, Mlawski is a sad panda. She has nothing to write about. See how sad?

She brought this problem to the Overthinking It writers’ email list, and we had one word for her:


(Well, we didn’t really have one word for her, because we never say just one word to one another. You think the 3,000 word posts are extreme? You should read our email threads. In fact, lately, we have taken simply to publishing them.)

And she agreed! That is, she agreed to put the question to you: What should Mlawski overthink next?

Cast your vote here. (If you’re using your RSS reader, you have to click through to the full post.) If you don’t see a choice you can live with, write it in below as a comment.

And don’t be mean—we don’t want to force her to sit through some godawful thing. Because then you’d have to wade through a lot of articles about it. So…

What should Mlawski overthink next?

  • Battlestar Galactica (28%, 33 Votes)
  • Pushing Dasies (20%, 24 Votes)
  • Mad Men (19%, 23 Votes)
  • The Sopranos (8%, 10 Votes)
  • Alias (7%, 8 Votes)
  • Other (leave a comment below) (7%, 8 Votes)
  • Deadwood (6%, 7 Votes)
  • Castle (4%, 5 Votes)
  • The Real Housewives of... where? (2%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 120

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31 Comments on “What Should Mlawski Overthink Next?”

  1. Brian Connolly #

    Dollhouse. A show which anyone could overthink and raises more ethical questions than any other program out there. Plus as its in its primacy it means growth potential for overthinking.


  2. Gab #

    Well, the only reason I never suggested Dollhouse before was because it has already been overthought on the site, and I figured you’d want something all your own. I’d totally go for that, though.

    Still, I voted for one of the options up there, anyway, jic.


  3. Tim #

    Sliders. I’ve recently gotten my fiancee into the show after picking up the Season 1-2 boxed set for 20 bucks at a garage sale. Amazing how many contemporary political issues a show 15 years old touches on (Rembrandt – “It doesn’t matter how many earths we go to, the health care system always sucks!”)


  4. Tom P #

    There’s enough material in Dollhouse already for a semester-long philosophy class.

    Sopranos would be interesting for no other reason then to see someone else’s brain melt under the sheer nonsense and terrible writing post Season 2.


  5. mlawski OTI Staff #

    Oh my gosh, that panda is SO sad! :(

    Wrather, why do you do this?! Why do you make pandas cry?


  6. Kevin #

    Gotta be Mad Men, which isn’t just LOADED with stuff to overthink on… but is also the most compelling show as a drama, IMO. Love it.

    BSG has been “overthought” (overthinked?) to death over the last few years. Lots of blogs dedicated to it, especially during its final season. If I have to read one more post about how “the humans are acting like robotic killing machines… how ironic!”, I will… well, not read it.

    How about overthinking a blast from the past: Twin Peaks? (Come to think of it, that might be a better idea: take cult shows from the pre-Internet era and overthink them. Mad Men, BSG, and most of these other choices have been picked at a bunch on the Internets…)


  7. DK #

    BSG. No such thing as too much of a good time.


  8. Genevieve #

    I agree that something from the past would be awesome… but please, please not Twin Peaks! The first season was some of the best television ever made, but halfway through the second season I wanted to gouge my eyes out. It could’ve been phenomenal if Lynch had retained more creative control, but as it was, the network made demands, and by the time the series ended, I was practically begging to be dragged off to the Black Lodge as a welcome alternative.

    Sorry, I didn’t catch the show when it was new; I just watched it last month. The wound is still fresh.

    OOOH! You can’t do this yet, but when it comes out, you should totally Overthink the HBO Game of Thrones series. That is going to be fantastic.

    What about Slings & Arrows? That show would be fun to Overthink.


  9. Genevieve #

    Oh, I went ahead and voted for Deadwood anyway, since I’ve been thinking about watching it, and I could watch it in tandem with the overthinking, which would be fun.

    I also find it highly amusing that two people voted for “The Real Housewives of… where?” but didn’t comment to suggest a location. It’s as though they were voting for a show actually called “The Real Housewives of… where?” which would be an awesome show, because it would perhaps follow the wild and wacky and sometimes heart-wrenching adventures of real housewives from a variety of places of which no one has ever heard.


  10. stokes OTI Staff #

    What about Firefly? Or is that too done-to-death too?


  11. mlawski OTI Staff #

    So, yo, this poll is going to close at 11:59 PM tomorrow night (eastern time), so get in those votes. Whatever wins at that time tomorrow is the show I’m watching.


  12. Josie #

    Pushing Daisies PLEASE! It’s so magical and whimsical! I have a giant whimsy-shaped hole in my heart ever since it was canceled.


  13. Matthew Belinkie OTI Staff #

    I’ll vote for The Shield. Because I love to talk about The Shield. The Shield is my Wire.


  14. mlawski OTI Staff #

    @Belinkie: Oh, shoot. I would have totally watched The Shield! Oh well. I guess it’ll have to wait for the next poll.


  15. Lara #

    Mork and Mindy!


  16. Daniel #

    Life on Mars! (British version) Time paradoxes, weird metaphysics, enough layers of psychological thriller-iness to keep you Overthinking for ages! That show is BEGGING for some serious scrutiny. Plus it’s just awesome.

    Oh, and i’ll also support House if you decide to do that way….


  17. JKTomas #

    Face the true: LOST was the best show you can watch and overthink…


  18. Eric #

    Just don’t forget about LOST! No other show takes as much thinking to see all the intricacies. The Wire is a fantastic show, but there’s not much “hidden in there” or to wonder about its outcome. Be sure you go back to Lost when season 6 starts.


  19. mlawski OTI Staff #

    @Eric: Oh, don’t worry. I will never forget about Lost. There’s a little bearded, drunken Jack Shephard in my head constantly screaming, “You weren’t supposed to stop overthinking Lost! You have to go back! You have to go baaacckkk!”

    And I will, in 2010. I promise. Hey, what’s going o–


    ME: “Where am I? I mean, WHEN am I? February 2010? But that means I have to find my Constant or my brain is going to explode!”


    ME: “Oh, thank God! A futuristic television! And what is this? The season premiere of Lost?”

    Later still…

    ME: “Dude, Hurley was an alien all along? What a shocking plot twist! Oh, and, hey, my nosebleeds have stopped!”

    DANIEL FARADAY: “Don’t you see, Mlawski? Lost is your Constant.”

    ME: “Awwww! Also: how did you get in here?”

    DANIEL FARADAY: “Science.”

    ME: “The End!”


  20. mlawski OTI Staff #

    Okay, poll over! BSG wins! Robots 4 eva!

    Pushing Daisies and Mad Men came in close second, so after I’m done with BSG and Lost, I’ll start watching those.

    Thanks for voting, everyone! Check back soon for Overthinking Battlestar Galactica on overthinkingit.com.


  21. Nateiums #

    I think those are the three best choices myself, although I haven’t yet seen BSG. From what I hear… the other two are better picks (I have seen Mad Men and Pushing Daisies and can vouch for those).


  22. Dan #

    Is it too late to vote for sammiches?


  23. Gab #

    So how are you doing it? Are you going to buy/rent the DVDs, or is there a site offering them (legally)?


  24. Megan from Lombard #

    It was hard for me to choose between ‘Castle’ and ‘Pushing Daises’; both shows are epically great (plus one of them has Nathan ‘freaking’ Fillion) but in the end I think that ‘Daises’ has more overthinkability than ‘Castle’.


  25. mlawski OTI Staff #

    @Gab: Netflix.


  26. Chris Richards #

    I cannot wait for an overthinking of BSG, the best frakkin show ever!


  27. Kevin #

    @mlawski: assuming you’re just renting a season at a time from Netflix… do NOT start with Season 1, Disc 1 of BSG. First, rent the BSG miniseries, which is effectively the pilot (and for some reason, isn’t included in the S1 set). Episode 1 picks up immediately following the miniseries/pilot.

    Probably goes without saying… but just so you start the right way!


  28. mlawski OTI Staff #

    @Kevin: Thanks for the tip! Actually, I’ve already watched the miniseries :) Check the site on Monday.


  29. Gab #

    Haha, Mlawski, I love how the Panda is now your avatar. That’s just made of awesome.


  30. Matthew Wrather #

    And here I thought you’d be pissed off when I threw that image in the post.


  31. mlawski OTI Staff #

    Pissed off by pandas? Unpossible.


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