About Those Clichemageddon Winners You All Are Eagerly Awaiting

Here’s a cliche for you: Epic fail.

technical_difficultiesI tried, people. Really, I did. Lord knows, there have been many occasions in my life where I said I would do something, but then The Prestige was on HBO. But I totally intended to select the winners of the Clichemageddon contest for today.

The problem is that you are just too funny, internet. I’m pretty sure I spent less time picking out my kid’s name than I have over the last week weighing the merits of various mock-cliches. I printed out 22 pages worth of them, and went to work with my trusty highlighter. But I reached a point at which it was clear the amount of entries I was highlighting would require me to print out THAT list, and go through it a SECOND time with a highlighter, perhaps of a different color. Then I watched The Prestige, which is really awesome.

All this is to say, between phoning it in and putting it off, I choose to wait until next week and write a nice big Clichemageddon post. So stay tuned for Clichemageddon: The Reckoning. And hey, since it’s so damn pretty, here’s that animated gif again:


5 Comments on “About Those Clichemageddon Winners You All Are Eagerly Awaiting”

  1. Gab #

    The little graphic makes me think of something y’all could do to help advertise: make a banner for Overthinkingit addicts (i.e. me): a banner.


  2. Sherilyne C #

    I would vote for the classroom edition. Love those witty educators, and occasionally, even wittier students.


  3. N. Bluth #

    Okay Matthew Belinkie. Just tell the truth. I won. I mean, C’mon!


  4. Ray the Recovering Cynic #

    Eight days since you said you were going to write up the winners. Eight freaking days! M. Night Shyamalan’s dialogue doesn’t move this slow! Get the lead out, already!

    (Going to take my meds now …)


  5. Matthew Belinkie OTI Staff #

    @Ray – Oh, it’s written; just waiting for a hole in the schedule to push it out. Sorry for the delay – it ended up taking 1,500 words to say, “Y’all are pretty funny.”


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