Open Thread for February 20, 2009

Oscars and Twitters and Star Trek.

The big news is obviously the Oscars, which we will be live twittering in advance of recording the podcast. Type in or link up your predictions and analysis.

Also, just to flame bait needlessly, let’s pile on the recent fracas in the comments: What’s the best Star Trek movie? (Obviously you have to make the case for your choice…)

Other than that, it’s been a slow week in in the popular culture. Aside from sad, scurrilous gossip (which we will not air on this site) and the black hole in the movie release calendar (Watchmen countdown, anyone?), is all quiet on the Western Cultural front.

What’s on your mind?

11 Comments on “Open Thread for February 20, 2009”

  1. Trevor #

    That sad gossip being, of course, the news that Katy Perry managed to hoodwink the British into giving her an award at this week’s Brit Awards. Talk about someone whose fifteen minutes of fame couldn’t end soon enough.


  2. mlawski OTI Staff #

    Wrather: What’s the best Star Trek movie?

    Me: Star Trek 4.

    Carlos: Star Trek 6.

    Me: Star Trek 4.

    Carlos: Star Trek 6.

    Me: I love Star Trek 4. And so do you.

    Carlos: Yes.

    Me: Everyone remember where we parked.


  3. Gab #

    Bill Maher’s show premiers again tonight- I dunno if any of y’all like him or not, but I do, even when I disagree with him.

    I felt very bad for the “extras” on _Top Chef_ on Wed., especially Jeff- soooo close and yet sooooooo far.

    Are we only talking about _Star Trek_ movies starring the original series characters? I’m partial to _Next Gen_ movies, probably because I grew up watching it. So my pick is _First Contact. Plenty of tie-ins from the series, great original plot stuff, awesome questions about politics, ethics, etc. raised, wonderful non-series actors, lovely music… I just heart that movie.

    And does anybody else care about the Roland Burris stuff?


  4. kuri #

    Star Trek 2 is the best. Some honest growing-old and relationship stuff, lots of action, some great scenery chewing by Ricardo Montalban — he made Shatner look subtle and understated — Spock’s heroic death and tear-jerking funeral (I saw it in a theater when it first came out, and you could barely hear the dialog over the audience’s sniffles)… it’s by far the best.

    Plus, how many other movies do you know of where 25 years later people are still arguing over whether a male lead’s mighty chest is real?


  5. Darin #

    If the even Star Treks are the better ones, does this prequel go down at Star Trek zero? Is zero an even number? What exactly defines something being even?

    Colbert uses the DaColbert Code to predict the Oscars, very funny.—oscar-predictions

    In the end, the Star Trek saga will either be remembered by the reboot (and let’s hope it’s just a single) and Star Trek 2. I will remember it from the Wrath of Khan and the ‘kiddies’ will remember it for JJ Abrams. Sure, there will be some of us that think the reboot is the best, but then again some people think zero is an even number.


  6. stokes OTI Staff #

    The best Star Trek movie is definitely the second one. It has everything: action, tragedy, romance, Billy Dee Williams, AT-AT walkers, Han getting frozen in carbonite…


  7. Pianodan #

    The CWRU Sci-Fi Marathon just showed “Nemesis” and “Khan” back-to-back, and it was really eye opening to compare the two.

    “Nemesis” had everything the TNG movies have: great special effects, production values polished to a mirror sheen, decent acting.

    And it was utterly soulless. Every TNG movie feels like a 2-hour long TV episode. Maybe it’s just the fact that TV production values were high enough in the 90’s that the movies don’t represent as dramatic an advance over the TV show as the TOS movies do. But there wasn’t a sense that This is a Movie(tm).

    “Khan”, on the other hand, featured hammy acting and plot holes you could drive a truck through. (See previous OTI post) And it was great. It was big, it was cinematic. It FELT like a movie, meant to be watched on a big screen in a theater, not something designed to be put in your netflix queue and watched when you got around to it.


  8. James #

    For the record, Shatner and Nimoy stole the line “Everyone remember where we parked” from me.

    Also, “Hello, we are looking for the naval base in Alameda. It’s where they keep the nucleeaar wessels.”


  9. Matthew Belinkie OTI Staff #

    I am definitely more excited for the new Star Trek than Watchmen. I have no idea why – I like Zack Snyder a lot more than JJ Abrams. And yet, I see the Star Trek trailer, and I really really want it to be awesome. And I see the Watchmen trailer, and I can’t get that pumped. I think this may be largely due to the fact that I know what will happen in Watchmen, and I even know pretty much what it will look like. Whereas the Star Trek movie is such a ballsy gamble that I can’t help but drink the kool aid and hope that Simon Pegg says, “I canna do it captain! I deunt have the PUHwer!”


  10. mlawski OTI Staff #

    @Belinkie: Completely agree. I love the Watchmen comic, so the movie really can only turn out two different ways: 1) it’s a big disappointment in comparison to the comic or 2) it stays true to the source material…but in that case, why not just read the comic, itself?

    Whereas Star Trek is probably going to either be 1) legitimately awesome or 2) so bad and ridiculous it becomes awesome. Watchmen is lose-lose. Star Trek is win-win.


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