A Few Announcements

ComicCon, Twitter, Donations… Busy day.

A few housekeeping announcements for this balmy (at least in the Northeast) February day.

  • Our coverage of New York Comic-Con 2009 continues. Don’t miss any of the (mostly spoiler-free) news and info.
  • We’re adding polls to the Think Tank feature—read our writers’ takes on the week’s subject, and vote for your favorite. (The winner earns a long stand on the keg of glory and bragging rights as your favorite overthinker for a week.) This week: The Best Board Game Ever. Read Part 1 and Part 2, then vote!
  • We’ll be watching and live-twittering the Grammy awards tonight. Follow our twitter feed for obsessively detailed updates every few seconds.
  • <pimp class=”shameless”>Dying to translate your ephemeral and transcendent love of Overthinking It into a gift of cold, hard cash? We’re very grateful, as our server costs recently increased by a factor of 10. There are a couple ways. You could throw us a couple bucks via PayPal, or use this link to Amazon.com (drag it to your address bar for easy, repeated access!) when you shop there and a percentage of your purchase will automatically go to support the site (though you get the same low price you would anyway).</pimp>

2 Comments on “A Few Announcements”

  1. Gab #

    I’d love to support y’all, but 1) I don’t “do” PayPal (long story).

    2) I’m not quite sure how that Amazon thing works. Would I use that as my bookmark for Amazon now and run any item searches from there? If that’s the case, I could easily do this one- I use Amazon quite frequently, alack, alas…


  2. Matthew Wrather #

    That’s correct — use the link in the post or in the sidebar to visit Amazon whenever you shop or search. (Drag it to your bookmarks to make it easily accessible!)

    You won’t pay anything extra, but OTI will receive a portion of the cost of your order.

    We have begun receiving donations online… Thank you readers! We will find an appropriate way to honor and thank you publicly.


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