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What I Learned from Iron Man

What I Learned from Iron Man

I also learned that the next time I see Robert Downey, Jr. looking all pale and ragged, it’s because Jeff Daniels stole his nuclear heart, not because he was ODing on something and how dare you insinuate that. Also, Wikipedia … Continued

World Idol

World Idol

On Saturday, the finals of Eurovision 2008 will take place in Belgrade. This mother of all talent shows has been organized by the European Broadcasting Union every year since 1956. Each European nation gets to send one singer or band, … Continued

A Lesson in Comedy

A Lesson in Comedy

I have had a love-hate relationship with Family Guy. Or, more precisely, a love-indifference relationship. Honestly, it wasn’t even on my radar during the first Fox run, though I was of course aware of occasional gems. I didn’t watch it … Continued