The Overview: Die Hard

Overthinking It presents its alternative commentary on the action (and Christmas!) classic, "Die Hard."

The Overview: Die Hard’Tis the season for The Overview, our series of alternative commentaries on your favorite movies. In this installment, Peter Fenzel, John Perich, Ryan Sheely, and Matthew Wrather team up to overthink an action…and Christmas…classic: Die Hard.

Now I have a commentary. Ho ho ho.

We discuss the ruthless efficiency and structure of the movie, the epic battle of flesh vs. architecture, and what it takes to be a real man in 1980s America.

Secure yourself to the couch with Christmas wrapping tape in for the smart, funny, insightful series that some commenters have called “So good you can listen without even watching the movie.”

The Overview: Die Hard


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The Overview is a series of alternative commentary tracks from Overthinking It, where the Overthinkers watch and discuss your favorite movies for your edutainment. The commentary is meant to be played while watching the movie, which means you’ll need your own copy of the movie and a way to both watch and listen to a MP3 track in order to take full advantage of what you’re buying. Find out more in the Overthinking It Store.