The Overview: Die Hard

Overthinking It presents its alternative commentary on the action (and Christmas!) classic, “Die Hard.”

The Overview: Die Hard’Tis the season for The Overview, our series of alternative commentaries on your favorite movies. In this installment, Peter Fenzel, John Perich, Ryan Sheely, and Matthew Wrather team up to overthink an action…and Christmas…classic: Die Hard.

Now I have a commentary. Ho ho ho.

We discuss the ruthless efficiency and structure of the movie, the epic battle of flesh vs. architecture, and what it takes to be a real man in 1980s America.

Secure yourself to the couch with Christmas wrapping tape in for the smart, funny, insightful series that some commenters have called “So good you can listen without even watching the movie.”



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3 Comments on “The Overview: Die Hard”

  1. Anthony Abatte #

    I have to ask if my comment about “something festive, like Die Hard” on last week’s podcast influenced this. Just downloaded the Overview and about to turn on Netflix. Happy Holidays Overthinkers!


    • fenzel OTI Staff #

      Definitely! Some of us have wanted to do this for a while, and it’s always been on our short-list of movies to comment on. But your twitter comment was definitely a reminder that now was the time. Enjoy!

      And Merry Christmas!


  2. @Braintree9 #

    To start off, I thoroughly enjoyed the commentary. It killed an otherwise very boring afternoon.

    There are two points I would like to make. The first that for the first time (after seeing this move at least a dozen times) noted the presence of Vigo the Carpathian (Wilhelm von Homburg) amongst Hans Gruber’s gang. He was one of the guys manning the missile launcher. Do you think his presence, along with that of William Atherton links the Die Hard-iverse with the Ghostbuster-iverse?

    The second point refers to the shots of John McClane making his way through the tropical fountain just before the final confrontation with Hans. This sequence, particularly the shot where he rises from the water seems to be a possible homage to Apocalypse Now. There were several references to the Vietnam war throughout the film. Do these shots represent McClane’s abandonment of civilization entirely, to allow him the will to confront and ultimately kill his adversary, much like Capt. Willard?

    Your thought would be much appreciated.


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